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without us,

There is no place to go to find "everything" that's happening around you!

We asked 1000+ people

"Where do you go to find whats happening around you?"


had no answer.

since 2020,

The amount of new businesses

has doubled!

This, in turn,

means that the failure rate will be at an all-time-high

starting now!

6,000,000 +

will fail in just 1-3 years*

12,000,000 +

owners lives will be ruined**

24,000,000 +

workers will be displaced***

*Based on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics annual reporting that 30% fail in the first 1-3 years.

**Based on the average # of owners is a couple or pair

***Based on the average of 3-5 employees per business that will lose their jobs and have to find other work


We've built you an app

(currently a web-based app while we test it with early adopters in San Diego & LA,)

The app store version will be available later this year.

That not only

gives you access to the

"Largest List of Events (in your city!)"

but also,

lets you "save" events & more when you want to find them again!

gives you "Insider Access" where you can find secret tickets, menus, venues and more!

And, coming soon, you're very own AI Concierge that knows your likes and dislikes to make sure your next event experience is built just for you!

and, so much more in store, including:

  • Win/ earn FREE TICKETS every month!

  • Save money on tickets, dining, shopping, travel & more!

  • Share events and make plans with friends!

  • Meet new friends that have the same interests as you!

  • Get member access to hosted venues at participating events

  • Did we mention access to FREE TICKETS every month?!

If YOU want to join us on this journey

(and currently reside in the San Diego - LA counties,)

Then, we invite you to help us test this app out.

Simply click the button below to register as a beta tester (early adopter,) and you'll get:

  • a free event ticket (worth up to $25*)

  • Free General Admission (GA) access to the app for the first 2 years (a $48 value)

  • Early access to the app, opportunities to win/ earn tickets, dining/shopping discounts and more!

* tickets subject to availability. Value of ticket will vary so no guarantee of ticket's actual value.

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Call: +1 866-863-6536


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